All Weather Bowling League Rules


1.             At AGM/EGM/ General Meetings voting is on the basis of one vote per club. (See Constitution)

2.             Matches will start at 11 am on the scheduled day of the fixture. All matches must be played on the scheduled date and green, unless postponed as per rule14, or brought forward by mutual agreement of the 2 clubs, the host green and the AWBA Committee.

3.             League matches will consist of 14 ends, with 2 trial ends. The Final will be 16 ends, plus 2 trial ends.

4.             When two games are arranged for the same venue, the choice of rinks (1-3, 4-6) is decided by the toss of a coin between the two home captains. Where only one match is being played on the green, the 'home' captain will have choice of rinks.

5.             Competition should consist of 4 Sections of equal number, where   possible, and the top 2 teams in each Section should qualify for quarter finals. The format of the play-offs will be decided by the Executive committee after the structure of the League has been decided. Any team not complying with the 3 lady/men average of Rule 12 will not be eligible to take in the play offs.


6.             8 Players in the Quarter Final,  Semi Final and Final matches MUST have played in 50% of the League matches. The other 4 players, if they have not played in 50% of the League matches, must get permission from the AWBL Committee to play and cannot play as Skips or Thirds.

7.             If a team uses an illegal player, that player shall be deemed not to have taken  part in the game. The rink point(s) will be awarded to the opponents irrespective  of the score. A 25% deduction will be made to the rink score(s) and the overall score  recalculated and any adjustment to match points made.

8.              In each League match a Team is awarded 1 point for each winning rink and 2 points for winning the overall  score; 0.5 and 1 point for tied rink or overall, respectively. In the event of a walkover, 5 points go to the recipient, with no allocation of shots.

9.             If the two or more Teams are tied on points at the end of the League matches, highest shot difference will determine the Section winner and/or runner up. If this is still tied, then the highest shots scored will decide.

10.         For the Champion of Champion singles, each club may nominate one entrant, the name to be given to the Hon. Competitions Secretary before the 2nd Sunday in December and who must have played in at least 3 league matches prior . Matches to be played to 18 shots, with 2 trial ends.

11.         Only finals will be played in whites. All Finals, Semi-Finals and Quarter Finals to be played on neutral greens. Singles Final and Semi Finals on neutral greens.

12.          At least 7 days before the date of the first league match, each club must send to the Hon. Competitions Secretary a list of names of people they expect to participate in the league competition. Players whose names are not on this original list may be used in matches, but these players may not play as skip or third unless an application is made to the Committee and they authorise the name to be added to the original list.

Any club entering more than one team in the league must, in addition, identify eight registered players for each team who are then eligible to play only for that team. Other players on the list may play up to two matches, in any position,  for any of the teams, but once they have played three matches for a specific team, they may not play on any other team. If any of the eight registered players has not played a match at the end of the first half of the season, they must be replaced as a registered by an eligible player from the original list

Players listed on the original list of any club may not subsequently play for any other club unless,

a) they have not played a match for the team on whose list they appeared.

b) the Committee approve the transfer to another team. If this approval is given, the player becomes a member of the original list for that club

Each team must use an average of at least 3 ladies and 3 men in matches over the season, For all playoff matches (as per Rule 5) teams must have a minimum of 3 ladies and 3 men.


13.         The Captain of the ‘Home’ Team is responsible for supplying the Master Card for the match and is responsible for sending the card to the Hon. Competitions Secretary to be received within 5 days of the match. Scanned copies can be emailed to

The 'Home' Captain is also responsible for arranging the result to be texted to the number in the Fixtures Book before 4.30 pm on the match day.

14.         If a match is postponed or abandoned for weather or bereavement, the Captains of the Teams involved should contact the Hon. Competitions Secretary to determine when the match will be played/completed.


15.         Postponed or rearranged matches must be completed before the date of the last section fixture. Any disputes will be referred to the Committee for decision and their decision is final.

16.         Smoking is NOT ALLOWED on the green or on the banks in order to protect the carpets from damage. Clubs must designate an area away from the green where smoking is permitted. Correct footwear as specified in the Laws of bowls MUST be worn otherwise the Club providing the green are entitled to ask the player to change to proper footwear or withdraw from the game. This should be reported to the Committee.

Note:  The 2013 AGM resolved that any breaches of the No  Smoking policy will be severely dealt with by the Committee.


17.         BURNT ENDS. If an end is burnt the jack must be re spotted on the full length T mark. This Rule applies to League matches only and not to Singles matches

September 2021