1. The organisation shall be known as the All Weather Bowling Association (AWBA).
  2. The AWBA shall organise competitions for Lawn Bowls to be played in the months from October to April on greens suitable for play in winter weather conditions. All competitions must include equal opportunity for both male and female bowlers.
  3. The AWBA shall be under the control of an Executive Committee consisting of the following Officers:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
      The posts of President and Vice President must be filled by one man and one lady and cannot be held by one person for more than 2 consecutive years.
    3. Honorary Secretary
    4. Honorary Treasurer
    5. Honorary Competitions Secretary

Except for the President, all other Committee Members must represent different clubs.

  1. Any disputes relating to Competitions or the organisation of the AWBA shall be referred to the Executive Committee if the parties concerned cannot agree a solution. The decision of the Executive Committee on any subject submitted to it for determination shall be final.
  2. An Annual General Meeting shall be held in August of each year on a date decided by the Executive Committee. At the AGM the following business will be transacted:
    1. Reports from the President, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Competitions Secretary.
    2. Election of Officers
    3. Notices of Motion to amend the Constitution and /or Competition Rules. Notices of Motion for consideration at the AGM to be received by the Executive committee 4 weeks before date of AGM and circulated to each member club not later than 2 weeks before the date of the AGM.
  3. Clubs may send as many delegates to the AGM as they wish, but only one delegate from each club may vote. The name of the voting delegate must be registered with the Executive Committee before the start of the AGM. If any club fails to register a the name of the voting delegate, then that Club will not be entitled to  vote at the AGM. Each Officer as designated in Section 2 (except the Chairperson) will also have one vote. All votes will be decided on a simple majority. The President (or Chairperson, if the President is not present) shall have a casting vote if the vote is tied.
  4. An Emergency General Meeting may be convened to consider Motions of immediate concern. The request for an EGM must be made in writing to the Hon. Secretary and signed by at least 1/3rd of the member clubs (rounding down in case of a fraction), stating the business to be discussed. The EGM shall be held within 21 days of receipt of a properly signed request. Voting shall be as for the AGM (Para 6).
  5. In League Competitions, all players shall pay a green fee for each match to the club operating the green, as determined by the Executive Committee,. The club receiving the green fees may waive the fee for specified bowlers (e.g. their own club members) if they so wish.

    Each club making a green available for play in the League shall, before the end of November, pay to the Honorary Treasurer a fee to be determined by the Executive Committee. This fee will take into account the number of matches being scheduled to be played on their green for which green fees should be payable. As of 2017 AGM this is 100 per team using the green as their 'home' green.

    For singles competitions, clubs providing the green may decide whether to impose a green fee.