AWBA News Page



            AWBL AGM was held on Thursday 23rd August 2018.


        Decisions taken at the AGM:


        Alan Squire announced his retirement after serving 12 years on the AWBA Committee


        Nuala Whitney will manage the AWBA Web Site


        Lorcan Finn elected as the new AWBA President


        Tom Egan will be the new AWBA Treasurer.


        Two new Clubs DLGC and North Kildare enter the AWBL for the first time.


        There will be no Burnt Ends in the League as from 2018/19 season.  Re-spot position to be applied.    


The new Committee was elected as shown on the Committee page.


        To All Team Contacts and Secretaries


        All Registered players must be in by 6th October 2018


        Leagues will commence on Saturday 13th October 2018.


        See Rules for new rule regarding burnt ends.


        Fixtures available for download in Links